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Alex Franckel purchased this 7ct. rough diamond which he soon after discovered to be phosphorescent.  This photo was taken in total darkness at the Museum of Natural History.  The diamond provided the only source of illumination in this photograph.  While many diamonds are fluorescent, phosphorescence is extremely rare.  Phosphorescent diamonds continue glowing after the ultraviolet light source is turned off.  While most phosphorescent diamonds glow for only a few seconds, this one glowed for approximately 1-2 minutes.  The Museum of Natural History in New York had never seen a phosphorescent diamond like this and placed it on display.  The diamond was later donated to the Smithsonian Institution in Wash, D.C.

Phosphorescent Rough Diamond

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Diamond cutting for the trade only.  If you don't own a retail jewelry store or are in the diamond business and need a diamond recut or repaired, please contact a local jeweler who can send your diamond to me.  If you need a diamond recut or repaired and would like an estimate of how much weight your diamond will lose and how much it will cost to repair, your local jeweler can send your diamond to me for an estimate.