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Unfortunately, Alex Frankel recently passed away but please take a look at some interesting diamonds. He was 6 weeks short of 93, still driving and cutting diamonds!

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When do you need the best diamond cutter to re-cut or repair your diamonds?  When your diamond is 1.00 ct or larger, you can't afford to use just any diamond cutter!  With Alex Franckel, the best diamond cutter, your diamond will have a better shape, proportion, polish and symmetry.  But most importantly only the best diamond cutter can guarantee you substantially less weight loss.  Excess weight loss can cost you a lot of money.  Additionally, even one point can mean maintaining a carat weight or falling under the carat weight, costing you even more money.  The best diamond cutter may even be able to improve the clarity grade of your diamond.

Alex Franckel can re-polish a burned diamond losing only two tenths of one point!  No other diamond cutter can do that.  Alex Franckel can repair your diamond with substantially less weight loss than any other diamond cutter.  If you have a 1.03 carat diamond in need of a repair and don't want to get back a 0.97 carat diamond, you need Alex Franckel.  If you have a five carat or larger diamond, you need the best diamond cutter!  Alex Franckel accepts diamonds from 0.25 cts. to recut or repair and personally re-cuts all diamonds from 0.75 carats and above.

Alex Franckel has improved clarity grades from SI1 to Flawless with insignificant weight-loss.  One of the diamonds Alex Franckel re-cut to improve both the make and clarity grade, was a 32 carat D VS2 Round Brilliant diamond.  The finished diamond weighed over 30 carats with a substantially improved make and grade, improved from D SI1 to D Flawless.  This diamond sold for several $million.

Alex Franckel has been a member of the New York Diamond Dealers Club for 57 years and was formerly in charge of rough diamonds at Zale Corp., the world's largest buyer of rough diamonds and seller of polished diamonds.  While at Zale, Alex Franckel was responsible for manufacturing diamonds worth $20 million per year and was in charge of cutting the Zale "Light of Peace", the 14th largest diamond in the world weighing 434.6 carats.  When the rough diamond was purchased, a large article about the Zale "Light of Peace" was published with a photograph of the rough diamond on page 1 of the New York Times. 

The rough diamond produced 13 diamonds weighing a total of 172.46 carats, the largest of which is the "Light of Peace", a 130.27 carat D VVS1 Pear Shape diamond which, according to the New York Times, was sold in 1980 for a $6 million profit.  Alex Franckel has been featured on TV, together with Morris Zale in the New York Times and many other newspapers and magazines as one of the foremost diamond cutters in the world.  Alex Franckel, was one of the first members (over 15 years - member # 01045) of Polygon, the largest network of wholesale diamond merchants and retail jewelers.

Alex Franckel - diamond cutter in the news - click for large view

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What my customers have to say:

Howard's Fine Jewelry (Alabama): I know why you named your web site what you name it.  You are The Best Diamond Cutter!

Howard's Fine Jewelry (Alabama): I felt compelled to tell you how pleased and amazed I am at the care and perfection of your work.

Howard's Fine Jewelry (Alabama): You make me look good in the eyes of my customers.

Howard's Fine Jewelry (Alabama): Wonderful!  Wonderful!  Work!  Alex you are a miracle worker thanks so much!

Christopher's Fine Jewelry (North Carolina): Magnifique!! Absolutely beautiful job.  We appreciate your fine work.

McRae's Jewelers (Texas): Please do the wonderful job you did last time.  Thank you.

McRae's Jewelers (Texas): Thank you for yet another beautiful job Mr. Franckel.

The Gold Doctor (Arizona): The Stone arrived today.  Its a beauty.  You do nice work.

Diamond Designer (Arkansas): They certainly are very outstanding group on polygon that makes me proud of the jewelry business and Mr. Frankel is among the leaders.

Several more jewelers




Light of Peace 434.6 ct Rough Diamond

The 14th largest diamond in the world
Alex Franckel supervising the sawing process for two 9 ct. Marquise diamonds

This is a "D" color diamond.  The yellowish color was in the skin of the rough diamond.

434 ct Light of Peace Rough Diamond 14th largest diamond in the worldSawing a piece of the 434ct. Rough Diamond "Light of Peace"Alex Franckel inspecting sawing process of the 434ct. Rough Diamond "Light of Peace"

Sawed piece for two 9 ct Marquise Diamonds from the 434ct. Rough Diamond "Light of Peace"Polished 9ct Marquise diamonds cut from the 14th largest diamond in the world

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108 ct Rough diamond in a table spoon     108 ct rough diamond next to an egg     108 ct rough diamond
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Alex Franckel recently cut this 108ct. rough diamond for Old Magic Gems and Jewelry, which was difficult to cut because rather than the usual octahedron shape, it had a cubic shape which caused the grain to run in different directions.  The diamond is shown sitting in a tablespoon and in the other photo, next to an egg in an egg cup.  The yellowish color was in the skin of the rough diamond.


Pink Pear Shape Diamond 16ct - click for large view

Click on photo to see the entire article.

Alex Franckel was commissioned by Wiss Jewelers in 1969 to cut one of the rarest diamonds in the world,  a 16 ct. Pink Pear Shape diamond from a 45.5 ct. pink rough diamond.  It was the most valuable diamond that Wiss Jewelers had acquired in their 121 year history.  This diamond is worth quite a few $million today.  In 2009, a 5 carat pink diamond sold for $10.8 million at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong.  Apparently Christie's said that the diamond is not flawless because it has minor blemishes which could be removed by repolishing.


Phosphorescent Rough Diamond glows in the dark - click for large view

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Alex Franckel purchased this 7ct. rough diamond which he soon after discovered to be phosphorescent.  This photo was taken in total darkness at the Museum of Natural History.  The diamond provided the only source of illumination in this photograph.  While many diamonds are fluorescent, phosphorescence is extremely rare.  Phosphorescent diamonds continue glowing after the ultraviolet light source is turned off.  While most phosphorescent diamonds glow for only a few seconds, this one glowed for approximately 1-2 minutes.  The Museum of Natural History in New York had never seen a phosphorescent diamond like this and placed it on display.  The diamond was later donated to the Smithsonian Institution in Wash, D.C.


Fancy yellow rough diamond   Fancy yellow rough diamond shown in a diamond cutting tool in the process of being cut
Fancy yellow rough diamond shown here in a diamond cutting tool, recently cut for a customer in Saudi Arabia.


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Photographs of diamonds and other images were taken by and are property of Alex Franckel.  No material may be used without permission of Alex Franckel.


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